Mundet Applejack

  • 1.5oz Whiskey
  • Sidral Mundet
  • Apple slice for garnish

Mundet Coconut Apple

  • 1.5oz Coconut Rum
  • Green Apple Mundet
  • Apple slice for garnish

Mundet Appletini

  • Add ice to shaker
  • 1.5oz Vodka
  • Green Apple Mundet
  • Apple slice for garnish

Brand Origin Story

Inspired by the classic “agua fresca” drink, Sidral Mundet is a Mexican apple soda that has been a staple in traditional Mexican culture and family households for decades. The vibrant flavor of Sidral Mundet is regarded as one of the most popular in Mexico, as its taste embodies the richness and timelessness of Mexican heritage and values.

Sidral Mundet dates back to 1902, when founder Arturo Mundet came to Mexico and established a cork company. Taking inspiration from his native country’s traditional cider beverage, known in Spanish as sidra, Mundet crafted an apple-flavored soft drink. Sit back and crack open a bottle of Sidral Mundet to experience the iconic taste you can always count on and watch the apple magic happen!

Mundet Green 12.5 oz Glass Bottle

Sidral Mundet 25.4 oz Bottle

Sidral Mundet 17.7 oz Bottle

Sidral Mundet 12.5 oz Glass Bottle

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